Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

When it comes to dressing up well, shoes are very important. Perhaps the most under rated piece of clothing accessory, shoes are what define how you look. More often than not the wrong shoes spoil the whole look you are going for and it really is a shame that shoes should spoil that wonderful dress or attire that you are wearing.

Another important thing about shoes however is the comfort. Your feet is something you walk and use at all times and your shoes should be comfortable as well. For men generally comfort is everything and it is the same in the case of shoes. But what if you mix the best of both worlds and own a shoe that is as comfortable as it is good looking. That is exactly what I have got for you, shoes with the right mix of fashion and comfort and for every occasion.

Versatility- John Varvatos Hipster Chukka

The best shoes for versatility that works for nearly every occasion and every season is John Varvatos Hipster Chukka. It can be used for occasion where you are dressed up unlike other casual shoes and it is a casual shoe mind you, so it can be worn everyday to work or to a party. Own a pair of these and they will be your go to shoes whether it is a dinner outside or a party or even a casual stroll in the park.

Warm Weather- Sebago—Wentworth Two Eye boat shoes

The best shoes for warm weather is the Wentworth Two Eye Boat shoes. It is the perfect alternative in warmer conditions for the guys who want to wear shoes even then. Made by Sebago, this shoes is made for the summer and offers a more unique look, while still providing the slip resistance every docksider should.

Lounging- LL Bean Double Soles

The LL Bean Double sole shoes is the best pair of shoes you can buy if you want to go lounging and take rest. While slippers are the best for such occasion, if a man wants a pair of boots whether it is to sit by a crackling fire or letting the dog out for his morning pee this is the best shoes to buy. Made of Bison leather, they come with multiple linings, from cushioned fleece to genuine shearling.

For Rain- Tretorn—Stråla Vinter Klar boots

Rain boots are a pain in the butt, there is very little debate about that fact. But what if somebody made it right? Apparently Tretorn has with its Stråla Vinter Klar boots which is a specialised rain boots that don’t suck. There are short cut boots designed by Tretorn a sister company of Puma.