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Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

IceTech was formed in 1998 to design and manufacture reliable, high-performance dry ice blasting equipment. For the last 16 years of activity IceTech has created a strong, growing network of more than 30 distributors and direct sales forces that supplies equipment worldwide. IceTech will continue to provide superior dry ice solutions through the support of our parent company, Cold Jet, LLC. Dry-ice small business blog does not require clean-up of a blasting medium.

For ACT’s cleaning services, it’s about $250 an hour at the company’s facility and $350 an hour if travel is involved. That means you’re looking at a general range of $1,250-$2,450 for an entire vehicle. Induction stripping is likely the world’s fastest method for removing thick coatings like rubber, coal tar, polyethylene, anti-skid and intumescent coatings.

Most importantly, there’s nothing extra to dispose of with dry ice cleaning, because the pellets sublimate on contact. Dry ice cleaning is an effective solution to clean hard-to-reach areas that can’t be cleaned with solvents and rags, allowing for a more thorough clean. It is non-abrasive on many substates and can reduce your downtime by up to 80% over traditional cleaning methods.

Loose crumbs in grooves are blown out, stains in textiles removed, switches cleaned deeply and even leather will be refreshed again. It is not only more thorough and gentle than the time-consuming dismantling and cleaning of the components with conventional methods, it is also much faster. The treatment of an entire vehicle interior is done in a very short time with this method. A pleasant secondary effect is that engrained odors are also removed by blasting with dry ice pellets. This non-abrasive cleaning process uses dry ice that disappears on impact leaving no secondary waste.

Similar to other methods of media cleaning, dry ice uses a pressurized air stream directed at a surface. Dry ice blasting works by using reclaimed carbon dioxide to freeze and blast away contaminants. It’s most effective for soft, thick layers of contaminants such as aircraft sealants. Other advantages are that dry ice blasting doesn’t require secondary waste cleanup and is considered environmentally friendly. Some projects cannot allow any water whatsoever during cleaning. Some projects cannot allow chemicals or toxic fumes, for a variety of reasons.

This blasting can be used for electrical, electronics, industrial equipment, commercial properties, factories, warehouses & more. Our highly skilled blasting team is ready to restore your project to its original beauty with stunning results. Large surface restoration projects in particular, will benefit from blast cleaning. Providing a more effective and sustainable solution to environmental cleaning, surface preparation and parts finishing applications, without the adverse effects.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that dry ice is incredibly expensive — not only to buy but also to store. Similar to sandblasting, the equipment used for dry ice blasting often damages itself, meaning you’ll have to continually replace the application as it breaks down. The recurring costs are steep, and it can also be difficult to find a reputable distributor. In terms of storage, dry ice requires temperatures less than–78.5 degrees Celsius, which means that it’s difficult to store for long periods. It usually requires special storage equipment that can cost anywhere between $13,000 – 30,000.

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