Essential Garden Products

Arcadia Garden Products combines tradition with innovation for an impressive line of home and garden items. A family-owned business since 1997, Arcadia offers an impressive line of garden supplies, including the award-winning PSW Pot Collection, arbors, hand tools, ceramics, and much more. The company offers superior customer service and high-quality products that reflect the unique personality of its owners. They also feature a commitment to sustainability and a homegrown passion for quality.

As one of the leading suppliers of branded consumable Gardena beregening Green Garden Products has recently entered a definitive agreement to be acquired by Central Gardens & Pet, a global leader in the Garden and Pet industry. The transaction is expected to close during the first quarter of 2021 and is the culmination of years of significant growth and evolution as the market leader in the gardening category. The company recently partnered with Freeman Spogli & Co. to help its customers grow their businesses.

A basic garden cart is essential for a gardener. A two-wheeled wheelbarrow updates the single-wheel design with a no-tipping design. A watering can with a sprayer attachment is another essential gardening tool. It can be lightweight and can handle various plant sizes and helps control the water flow. Choosing lightweight containers and watering cans for your outdoor space is a great way to reduce your garden’s water consumption.

A good trowel is another essential tool in any garden. A good one is an essential tool to break up clumps of soil, transplant seeds, and pull up weeds. Whether you’re working on a small garden or a larger garden, you’ll find a trowel useful in almost every situation. A good entry-level trowel should have a heavy-duty wooden handle and a solid metal blade.

A home garden offers a cheap source of nutritious food. In some households, half or more of the food consumed in the home comes from a kitchen garden. In addition, it can provide an income for women and supplement a staple diet with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. For women and children, a home garden is an indispensable source of income. Women in Tajikistan, for example, are often the only income providers in the country because they are forced to leave their jobs after the civil war, or migrated to Russia or other countries for employment.

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