Coagch Factory Business Factors that will affect the stock price of Tesla

Factors that will affect the stock price of Tesla

Drivers of the BEV market Drivers are an important factor contributing to the growth or change of a particular industry. Four key market drivers have the greatest impact on BEV’s competitiveness in the vehicle market. (1) Technology development (advancement of battery technology, improvement of vehicle performance). (2) Infrastructure development (expansion of the charging station, development of the smart grid). (3) Public policies; (4) Energy economy (the price of electricity and gasoline). Technological development The development of the BEV market is highly dependent on the continuous improvement of core technologies such as the vehicle battery and overall vehicle performance. This includes improvements to battery characteristics such as range/power, the cost to manufacture, safety, and reliability. It also includes improvements in vehicle performance such as torque, efficiency, and reliability.

A battery replacement service was also introduced, which allows you to replace a discharged battery with a charged one in about 90 seconds. Competitive Sales Growth and Potential Product Growth: TSLA posted over $ 10 million in net income on May 8 on $ 560 million in sales. Tesla has sold Nissan and GM electric vehicles in the United States. The Model S outperformed the BMW 7 and Audi A8 combined. Tesla also operated a network of more than 15 boost stations where customers could charge their cars for free. During this period, the share price almost tripled. They are said to be paired with solar panels and can store large amounts of electricity for as little as $ 3,000- $ 3,500. Tesla has already received nearly $ 800 million in reserves for mechanical walks. A pilot study in California found that electricity bills fell by 20-30%. They also come with a 10-year warranty. This could make Tesla a leader in mass-market solar modules.

Inventory Management by Tesla: A success factor

Inventory Management Tesla’s successful cost savings have been to minimize risk by minimizing inventory. Reduced storage costs were achieved through series production after receipt of prepaid orders. An adaptation strategy has several advantages. First, customers waiting for the vehicle to be delivered can further personalize the vehicle. Second, by keeping inventory low, companies can minimize capital size and the risks associated with storing excess inventory. Additionally, savings from avoiding excess inventory can be diverted into research and development to grow your business. Improved inventory management for the quarter ended March 31, 2013, resulted in over $ 30 million in cash and lower logistics costs. Additionally, revenue for the quarter was $ 526 million, with direct savings of around 5.3% from improved inventory management. You can get more information from tesla stock news.

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