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Find Autism Swings

Build your vestibular senses, motor skills and develop your self-confidence with our Vestibular & Swings collection – perfect for Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration rooms. Installing a sensory swing in your home can be as simple as finding a spare doorway, setting up a pop-up tripod stand, or recruiting a handy friend to drill into a ceiling beam. For more information on swing installation, check out Southpaw Enterprises. Remember that we all need sensory input and the ultimate goal is to have fun while doing activities that are good for our sensory, motor, and emotional systems. A pioneer in the field of occupational therapy , Dr. A. Jean Ayers was both an OT and psychologist this article from The Ability Toolbox

Hammock swings come in many different styles, some providing more support than others, so you’ll have to look at your own child’s needs before choosing the right swing. Useful in the development of a child’s vestibular system by forcing them to accept more movement sensations. Different movement sensations and repetitive swinging motion has been known to help calm and regulate an over stimulated child. The vestibular sense describes your body’s ability to understand where it is in space. This sense is controlled by fluid in the inner ear and is an important physical development for young children.

Social workers or early intervention programs may be able to help as well. We like to have Ivan sit on this swing and move side to side then suddenly stop mid swing. He has to use his core muscles to adjust to the sudden stop of motion and hold on to the platform or the ropes for support, which also helps him work on his motor planning. I like to encourage kids to lay down on their belly on the platform swings and place some bean bags or stuffed animals on the floor beneath them. Then, when they’ve got a bean bag throw it a target while they remain on their belly.

This encourages crossing mid-line and other sensory processing skills that kids with sensory needs often need. This is the perfect swing if your child loves big hugs, crawling into small spaces, and tight clothes. In the last few years, I’ve seen a dangerous ad running on social media where a “dad” gets on the screen and says “this sensory swing” will instantly calm and eliminate any tantrums.

This is because children find this one really fun since they can lie down, sit, or stand on the swing, taking in a lot of sensory input. This swing can work indoors but it is usually designed to hang from a tree. You would have seen ads on social media that claim that sensory swings can instantly calm children and eliminate their tantrums.

With the included daisy chain and hardware, the swing can be hung almost anywhere and is not just a sensory room swing. Wherever you are hanging it from, make sure it’s strong enough for a child to play on and allows the swing to safely hang close to the ground, at most 2 feet above the ground.

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