How To Install An Instagram Private Viewing App Without Following

How to access Instagram’s Private View feature. If you have an Instagram account and would like to show off your pictures to everyone, the easiest way is to have an account with the Instagram private viewer. This gives you access to a customized, private page where only you can view your pictures and posts. You can customize it however you want-from being completely public to making it private and only accessible to a certain group of friends. Here are some simple steps that will guide you on how to use the private Instagram viewer:

How to use the view private instagram online. To use the private profile viewer, log in to Instagram using your Facebook/Google account. Select Settings, then Privacy. Select Private Profile tab.

Install the Instagram apps. To use the private account without following any links, you will need to install the official Instagram apps. The official apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices, including the iPad and iPhone, and can be downloaded for free. For more information on installation instructions, visit Instagram’s website.

Copy the link of your account from your email. Open your email and copy the link of your Instagram private account without limits. It will appear as a URL directly in your email. Copy the private URL and paste it into the address bar of your browser to open the viewer app.

Instantly add Instagram as a favorite. After you have installed the official Instagram apps, click the link for the add-on that allows you to instantly add instories to your existing Facebook and Twitter profiles. You will see a link that says “Add Instagram.” Click the link to complete the process of setting up your personal stories.

Register an account. Once you have successfully installed and opened the Instagram viewer app, you will see an option for signing in. Click the “Create Private Profile” link to continue. If you choose to use a free email address to sign in, you will be provided with a free username and free account password. Follow the instructions provided for registering your account and complete all the required tasks to access your Instagram private viewer profile.

Import images. Tap “imported images” to bring up the importing page. Tap the button and tap “Go” to import all your images. Tap “Save” to create a new Instagram album and name it whatever you wish to use as your viewer name. Your Instagram albums will now appear as private profiles. Private Instagram pages cannot be viewed by other users on Facebook and Twitter.

Configure ig saver. Click “Ig Saver” located at the bottom left corner of the screen. The Ig Saver is a free web service that automatically downloads images to your private profiles for viewing and editing. It also enables you to view your images in their native resolution.

Integrate ig saver. Once you have set up the private instagram viewer apk, you can integrate it with any of the applications available in the Google Play Store. These applications include: Google Maps, Facebook Connect, Twitter Twitters, Vimeo, YouTube, Yahoo Messenger, Flickr, Picasa and Gmail. To take full advantage of these apps, make sure they are open while you are browsing the Internet, and that you have installed the Google account you want to integrate into your free accounts.

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