Instant Potatoes Make a Great Dinner Recipe

This historic German Potato Salad really is a departure from everything else that people normally think of as potato salad. In fact it is for sure a do-it-yourself recipe that anyone can whip up using just about any type of potatoes and very little cooking time. There’s no mayonnaise and instead the potatoes are simply seasoned with onion, garlic and a little Dijon mustard oil and is finished off using chives, lemon juice and a little olive oil for a touch of freshness. The dressing is made by mixing a can of tomato paste with some chopped onions and a little cold pepper, sea salt and pepper to taste. The rest of the meal is up to you. As far as the preparation goes, all you really need is your own potatoes, a cutting board, a spray bottle of water at hand, a microwave safe bowl, some salt and pepper, and perhaps a food processor if you want to make the dressing a little richer.

First off, get out your box of steel wool and your potato. Don’t forget your vegetable mix, because you’ll be combining it later for when you add the meat to the mixture. You’re going to need about two pounds of russet potatoes cut into about one inch pieces. You can also use yellow or red potatoes. I like to go with the ones that are smaller because they hold up better when being cooked. You can get more information about best bottom freezer refrigerator

Get out your mustard oil, cut up your potatoes into chunks and add about half a cup of your chopped onion along with about half a teaspoon of your dried mustard seeds and let this sit for about five minutes to let the smell of its flavor die down. Now you’re ready to begin your Potato Salad for dinner. In fact you may wish to start cooking it right then so that you don’t have to worry about it cool down.

Bring your large mixing bowl to the pot and place your potatoes in the center of the bowl. Then you will want to place about half a cup of your chopped onion in the pot as well as about half a cup of sour milk. Next you’ll want to get out some of your favorite high quality instant pot ingredients such as your bacon and green beans. Be sure to stir these items very thoroughly together.

Once all of your items are mixed up, you’re ready to actually begin the recipe. Keep an eye on the onions and peppers to see if they start to turn colors. If they do, you should grab the package of instant potatoes and quickly heat them up in your microwave safe bowl. Once they’re heated, grab your prepared mustard seeds and lightly mix them into the potatoes. Then you’ll want to add your cheese and sour cream and pour this mixture over your potatoes. Then you will want to spoon in about a half a cup of olive oil onto the top of your mixture.

You’ll then take your fried potatoes and cut them in half. Then you’ll shred your leftover mixture with a shredder into smaller pieces. Finally you’ll pour your red potatoes and green onions on top of the shredded potatoes. Your completed recipe will be sooo delicious, especially with the added benefits of being healthy.

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