Manicure Tables for Salon Furniture

Manicure Tables are a form of furniture used in salons and day spas. Manicure Tables provide the customer with a comfortable place to practice manicures and pedicures while relaxing in a chair placed in a service area. Manicure tables come in different styles and sizes, as do other types of furniture used in day spas and salons. Manicure tables are designed for a particular clientele to fit his or her needs and desires. Some of the different types of Manicure Tables are;

o Manicure Tables with Pedicure Tables – This type of furniture is often found in a day spa or nail salon. It is usually used by a nail technician as well as a manicurist or pedicurist who performs manicures on the clients. The purpose of this item is for the manicurist or pedicurist to perform their job without having to move from their work station. A manicure table is made up of a simple wooden frame with four legs and a table top.

o Manicure Tables that are Stands – This type of Manicure Table is most commonly used in salons and day spas. The stand allows a stylist to perform manicures in small spaces without the need of moving from one chair to another. There are many styles and designs of portable manicure tables available. Most stands are equipped with a locking mechanism for safety. There are also stylist carts available that allows stylists to easily move from one chair to another without having to worry about a supporting platform.

o Manicure nail desk that are Combination Tables – This type of Manicure Table is the typical one most salon manicurists and nail technicians use in their shops. These Manicure Tables are found in high-end nail studios and spas. These tables usually feature at least two chairs and a small work station for manicure technicians. Some salon manicure tables even feature a station for nail technicians to clean up under the nails while waiting for other clients in the shop.

o Manicure Tables that are Portable – This type of Manicure Table is ideal for nail salon furniture in smaller spaces. It has a limited number of legs, usually only four. However, it can be adjusted to any height and can be moved around the room easily. It is also portable, which allows salon technicians to use the table in private offices or even in cars. These tables usually feature an adjustable height and flexible armrests, making it more comfortable for technicians to work with. Some models have footrests as well.

All of these different Manicure Tables offer stylists and technicians a variety of different working surfaces. They are essential for providing a healthy and pleasant environment for clients and for encouraging them to take good care of their hands. The variety of different Manicure Tables offered by different manufacturers ensures that all Manicurists will be able to find the right tables to suit their clientele. If you are shopping for your own Manicure Table or Manicure Furniture, you can use the helpful links on this site to navigate to the types of tables available. Whether you are shopping for a Manicure Chair, Manicure Tables, or other Manicure Equipment, you can browse through the selections on this site.

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