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Men’s Shoes For Summer And Winter

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Men shoes types or winter and summer footwear. Casual moccasin espadrille, sport sneakers or business boots and rubber clogs. Vector isolated flat icons set

Be well dressed, behave like a gentelman, and keep your shoes shined.Great taste in shoes is one of the first things women notice in a man’s style,perhaps 2nd only to great grooming habits.This should tell you that investing in classic, quality foot ware is no–brainer. Be sure to wear styles that are appropriate for the season and the occasion .If you’re wearing your sport sneakers out on a date, you’re going to look clueless, trust me.

So which is your favourite type of shoes comment down bellow and share your thoughts on shoes .

types of shoes

1> Loafer ( one of my fav).
2> Monk.
3> Oxfored.
4> Tuxedo.
5> derbie.
6> sneakers.
7> Brogue.
8> Boat.

Warm weather and summer events make for special shoe demands, so you want to be prepared with the right summer footwear. You want shoes that are going to keep you cool and also look stylish with your summer looks. One caveat before we jump in though: while you may be tempted to wear flip flops all summer, don’t do it! Unless you’re headed to the pool or beach you should be wearing a proper shoe, so keep them in the closet unless there’s water present.


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A summer classic, these are great all around casual shoes. Stick with the classic style in leather and look for colors like brown, tan, navy, or grey. Despite what you may have seen, these aren’t meant to be dressed up though, only wear these with shorts and very casual chino outfits.

Boat Shoe Picks:


L.L. Bean

Rancourt & Co.


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A stylish warm weather canvas shoe, espadrilles are very lightweight and breathable. These look great with everything from shorts to chinosand you can get them in solid colors or go for a fun pattern.

Espadrille Picks:





Image result for SUEDE DRIVING MOCS for men

A great casual shoe with a little more polish, you can wear driving mocswith everything from shorts to chinos and a blazer. I recommend these in suede over leather because in the warmer months leather can just look a bit to heavy and formal. Two rules about drivers I always see guys break: never wear them with a suit (too casual), and always wear them without socks or with no-show socks.

Suede Driving Moc Picks:

Tod’s 1

Tod’s 2

M. Gemi


winter boots

Men aren’t only looking for winter boots which will do a great job. There are plenty of sharp dressed men out there who also want to take design into account when buying winter boots. If you want to look super-stylish while doing the daily commute or taking the kids out for some fun, have a look at our top tips for buying men’s winter boots.

  • Leather or leather-look uppers will provide a degree of waterproofing while giving the luxurious appearance of a dress shoe.
  • Subtle seaming or brogue styling on the toe lifts the boot out of the ordinary.
  • Dark colours ensure that winter boots for men are formal enough for business occasions.
  • Make the most of the latest technology: try moisture wicking linings to ensure sweat is wicked away while warmth is retained.
  • Rubber soles with tread are a no brainer, but they don’t have to be thick and obtrusive – less noticeable, thinner soles can be just as good at keeping out the winter weather.
  • Pull-on Chelsea boots are a classic style that are quick and easy to get on and off and give a more casual look.
  • Lace-up and desert boots will provide a more adjustable fit and give that rugged, sporty look.
  • Don’t forget the dependable Wellington boot as an option for really messy activities.

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