Coagch Factory Fashion New York Artist Christos Vasconcelos and His Solo Exhibition at Grove Square Galleries

New York Artist Christos Vasconcelos and His Solo Exhibition at Grove Square Galleries

Established in 2021, Grove Square Galleries is an emerging London art gallery providing an avenue for discovery and expansion of contemporary art practice. Combining physical and digital exhibits, the gallery space at Fitzrovia is a permanent venue for artist-led public events and highly varied year-round programme, which runs parallel to an ongoing artist led exhibition programme at the gallery itself. In keeping with its commitment to the contemporary arts, the Gallery features work by many prominent artists including Sir Paul Cezanne, Sirarshatt, Jon Batiste, Declan O’ffer, Frank Stella and Annie Lennox. A major feature of the Gallery’s programmes and events is the ‘Frogs On Parade’ programme, which brings famous frogs to the Gallery’s Gallery space. Over the past few years the Gallery has developed into one of the most popular venues for contemporary art in London.

Although originally housed within the Fitzrovia Artspace, Grove Square Galleries gradually moved out into the public spaces of Fitzrovia High Street and Bloomsbury. It is at this point that the Gallery began to develop a dedicated clientele and a comprehensive advisory service, which now extend to include leading contemporary artists from across the globe. The business is run on the principles of contribution, engagement, contribution and sponsorship, with each artist committed to ongoing discussions with the wider community in order to support and promote fellow artists. The Gallery’s advisory service now includes hundreds of professional artists from various disciplines, who have been invited to contribute to the programs and events that promote artistic participation in our communities.

Attending a solo exhibition or viewing session at either of Grove Square Galleries, would guarantee that you get a unique and exciting glimpse into the exciting world of contemporary art. An installation view allows you to appreciate art from a different perspective and would be more likely to identify works that you might not have seen elsewhere. An installation view also offers an opportunity to view works which are not regularly showcased in the typical galleries and museums, and to discover new works and experiences for yourself.

One such programme is the Artist Talk: Joana Vasconcelos and Edwin Cruz, from Barcelona, co-curators of the acclaimed solo exhibition Guided Imaginations (curated by Moira Young). Joana Vasconcelos and Edwin Cruz are renowned artists with many years of experience working together. The duo has combined their expertise in visual communication and research into an exhibition which is centred around the idea of bringing art into the public eye. As well as Guided Imaginations, Vasconcelos and Cruz have worked on projects for other leading contemporary artists, including installations at the Saatchi Gallery in London and the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Their combined efforts have seen these and other organisations to benefit financially and see them enter the forefront of the art market.

In partnership with the artist, Guided Imaginations presents a unique opportunity to create a visual presentation of the work of Joana Vasconcelos and Edwin Cruz. It is hoped that this exhibition will encourage more people to come forward and present works of art. Joana Vasconcelos is a renowned visitor to Grove Square Galleries, where she regularly displays her work. As well as Guided Imaginations, Vasconcelos has worked at the Saatchi Gallery in London, in the offices of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Edwin Cruz has exhibited extensively both in and outside of London, most notably at the Saatchi Gallery.

Her solo exhibition, titled Finding Christ, is due to run from 13 November through to 6 February 2021. The participating artists include Joana Vasconcelos, Christos Vasconcelos, Ion Dialacopoulou, Dimitrios Vezo, and Alok Bal, along with many others. As well as her works from the past years at Grove Square, Vasconcelos offers solo exhibitions of other artists, which include installations by Dimitrios Vezo and Alok Bal. Other world-renowned artists in this grouping include Marina Sechi, Tsachi Spositos, Christos Vasconcelos, Ion Dialacopoulou, Ole Gabri and John Pilsworth.

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