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Oat Apple Fibre Drinks

Oat apple and pear are both great sources of soluble fibre. Both are excellent dietary Fibre sources for those watching their weight or those wanting to avoid adding extra fat to their diets. However, the difference between the two is that an apple has more fibre than an apple has more fruit. A pureed pear however is high in fibre and as such is a fantastic option for those watching their weight or those wanting to avoid added fat from their diet.

If you enjoy using your fruit and vegetables as a part of your breakfast or snack, a delicious and easy way to add more fibre to your diet is by using an oat apple fibre drink. These can be purchased from most supermarkets and health shops. They do not usually come in the fruit form but can be bought in a liquid extract (e.g. orange juice) which you can then mix into a glass of water. You will need to add about one tablespoon of this liquid to each glass before you drink it as the fibre would lose its consistency and it can become a bit lumpy.

There are various different flavours to choose from and therefore you can create a special drink to suit your taste. The majority of these drinks have been formulated without the addition of artificial sweeteners, which are common in fruit based drinks. Some contain lemon, lime or tangerine. In my opinion there is nothing more delicious than a fruit based shake, especially when it has been designed to incorporate a range of different fruits.

One of the advantages of making a healthy snack and drinks is that you don’t need to worry about artificial sweeteners as they tend to be very expensive. It also doesn’t cost much to get either component if you look around for a good price and you can buy them online from health food shops and cafes. For a very healthy option mix together an amount of fruit (make sure you only use an amount that won’t make the drink too soggy) and half a cup of oat apple pure fibre mix.

If you like you can also add a few drops of some quality sweetener. I have used honey, maple syrup and fruit-flavored jellies. Try and avoid adding any other sweetener to the mix unless it is an ingredient you are familiar with and comfortable using. Pure apple and oat fibre mixed together are very sweet, so if you aren’t a big fan of artificial sweeteners try sweetened orange juice instead. I find that although the flavour of the fruit juice is quite tasty, the mix with the oat fibre really makes the drink and even better if you put some frozen fruit inside.

One of the benefits of the fibre drink is that it offers more bulk to your food. Because of the way it is made up the fiber mix dissolves in water so you are able to get a greater amount of bulk with less food. You will notice the difference very quickly once you start adding in more fruit such as oranges or dates. The soluble fibre also helps with digestion, which is why it is great for people who suffer from digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn and colitis. However if you are suffering from these conditions, I wouldn’t add any soluble fibre to your diet as it can cause indigestion.

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