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Options For Using a Traditional Shower in Your Home

Using a traditional shower for your elderly is not the only option when it comes to bathing. Some showers are designed to be as luxurious as you can get and may offer a wide variety of extra conveniences that may make bathing more enjoyable for the elderly. It’s important to consider these options when deciding on a shower for your loved one. Here are some things to look for in a traditional shower:

Grab Bars: Grab bars should be standard in every shower that allows a person to grab and hold onto the railing to help keep their balance as they move from side to side in the shower. They should be easy to use, and should be a reasonable size to fit comfortably in the bathroom. A tub of water should have enough grab bars to accommodate at least one person.

Bathroom Vanities: A bathroom vanity is a nice addition for many homes. If yours doesn’t already have one, or if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a full bathroom vanity, look for a portable shower. Portable showers offer a more affordable option for the elderly and disabled for accessing the tub without having to remodel the entire bathroom.

Bathtubs: There are many different types of tubs available, and most are suitable for use in showers. Tub size depends on your needs, and you can often choose a smaller or larger tub depending on whether you want a whirlpool, the warm water of a warm shower, or even a soothing massage. It’s also a good idea to get a showerhead attached to the side of the tub for added comfort. Some bathrooms also have doors on the bathrooms for easy access to the tub and shower head. You can get more information about disabled wet rooms

Safety Features: Elderly and disabled people are at an increased risk of slipping and falling in older bathrooms. Installing grab bars and safety bars on the walls will provide extra protection for elderly and disabled individuals. Some showers feature a safety gate with a barrier that prevents the user from sliding into the tub. Some bath showers also have grab bars and safety bars installed in the shower itself. These safety features are especially important for people who may be confined to wheelchairs.

Consider what your elderly or disabled family member needs out of a bathroom and choose a style and brand that provide additional safety features. A shower stall is the perfect choice for those whose mobility is not as important as other bathroom amenities. Choose one that’s right for your family and enjoy a bath or shower whenever you can!

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