Protecting Carpenters With Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Carpenters Insurance is a type of coverage designed specifically for the building and construction trades. It provides coverage against physical damage or personal injury that is sustained while working on a person’s personal property. Some common types of Covered Employers are: carpenters, masons, painters, plumbers, roofers, and sandblasters. Each type of company will have different policies in place with regards to what types of personal injury and property damage they are responsible for paying for, as well as the types of bodily injury that are considered to be work-related. In most cases, there is a carve out within the policy for bodily injury that includes work-related accidents.

The most common type of carpenter insurance policy is a Thimble Insurance Policy. A Thimble is defined as an “a small hand tool having a blade attached at the end”. According to “The Common Carpenter’s Workbook”, a typical thimble insurance policy should provide coverage up to one million dollars per occurrence.

Commercial General Liability Insurance, otherwise known as Coverage C, is a broad category of insurance coverage. This category covers a variety of risks that occur in the course of operating a business. Many times, this occurs because the company is a direct result of another company, government agency or public entity. This category also includes the risk of damage caused by explosions, slips and falls, and third-party injuries.

Workers’ compensation is another form of protection that many commercial general liability insurance policies offer. Workers compensation is a means of protecting employers against claims from employees that are injured while performing their job duties on the job. It pays for medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses that occur as a result of an injury. There are states that require businesses to carry workers compensation insurance, and it is important that you check your state laws before purchasing this insurance.

One of the most common forms of protection that many commercial general insurance policies offer is bodily injury liability insurance. Bodily injury insurance protects businesses from lawsuits resulting from negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of an employee or representative of the company. In order to obtain liability insurance, all employees will have to complete and sign an insurance policy that outlines bodily injury and property damage liabilities. In the event that your business is sued for injuries sustained in the course of your business, this particular type of insurance will protect you. However, this coverage does not cover emotional distress or funeral expenses.

Professional carpenters usually belong to a trade organization or union. In addition to being covered by workers’ compensation insurance, these workers may also be covered by various professional associations such as the Carpenters Union. To be specific, these organizations represent the interests of the carpenters who perform work at construction sites, home improvement centers, warehouses, schools and other job sites. These organizations make it their priority to educate contractors about the hazards of falling and hurting themselves on the job.

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