Understand the Lifespan of a Turtle

According to the recent research, turtle lifespan for up to a century and serve a single human lifespan or a generation with proper care and consideration. Turtles as great pets should always be given with proper diet and good lighting to enhance their longevity. Every fifth turtle in the wild nowadays is endangered and slowly lose their life because of human activities near the oceans. So, if you want to bring a great pet turtle for your life, the following guide will help you in finding the best turtle breed that match your budget and your lifestyle.

First thing first, you have to know the lifespan of a turtle based on different methods. The method used by most experts is determining the age of the individual turtle, identifying the habitat, taking the sample of skin, and using the laboratory test to determine the exact number of years it has lived. Most of the studies show that turtles can live for more than forty years if they are well cared and properly fed with quality foods rich in calcium and protein. Some other researches also showed that there is an exact number of years depending on the species, weather conditions, and the habitat it stays in.

According to the study, Diving endures the longest life span among the known turtle species. The specimens studied lived more than forty years and some even more than a hundred years in the wild. There is also a significant relationship found between the diet and lifespan of these species. A diet rich in calcium and protein was found to be beneficial for them in ensuring good resilience and long life span. However, experts believe that the exact cause of this phenomenon has yet to be determined but it is believed to be related to the presence of calcium and magnesium in the turtle’s environment.

Slow metabolism also affects the lifespan of turtles. They have slow metabolism rate because they do not require a lot of food to sustain their existence but yet they can live for a long time. A slow metabolism is a result of their body’s immune system, which is poorly developed. Other researches suggest that immunity can be strengthened through exposure to environmental toxins or injury which causes a gradual degeneration of the immune system.

A certain specie of turtles such as tortoiseshells have a very long lifespan even exceeding a hundred years. The reason behind their long life span is due to the kind of diet they are fed. Since they are herbivores, feeding them with soft vegetables and fruits, whereas most pet turtles are carnivorous, feeding them meat is a great source of nutrients for their body. This explains why these turtles can live for so long even though they are not as active as other types of turtles.

Turtles are classified into two groups, terrestrial and aquatic species. Terrestrial species usually stay on land as they are naturally adapted for it. However, some exceptions are tortoiseshells that are largely aquatic animals. On the other hand, aquatic species generally grow and develop in fresh water. Therefore, you should know the difference between the two to better understand the pet turtles lifespan.

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