What Makes a Human Believe in Gods?

The question of what makes a human believe in Gods has been bothering scholars for centuries. Some have entertained the idea that religious sentiment and personal experiences have been the basis of religious beliefs. Other scholars have argued that religion is a human phenomenon, and that it evolved as a response to social needs. Still, some scientists feel that the mind does not work in such a fashion, and that the true reason behind religious belief is not to be found in the mind.

No matter what the arguments are, one thing is clear. People have religious beliefs, even though many of them are erroneous. There is nothing necessarily wrong with human belief, except that too many people wish to use it as an excuse for their actions and emotions.

What makes a human believe in gods is really a matter of psychology. Beliefs are formed in our brains and they are driven by a number of forces that cannot be ignored. It is easy to rationalize away the claims of deities if you are convinced that he doesn’t exist, or if you are very young and therefore have not yet formed any morals or values. This is the common view among religions that are old. However, the more modern religions have started to realize that there are other ways to look at things. Click here for more information.

One of the most important things to note when looking at what makes a human believe in gods is that humans are emotional creatures. This was made obvious during the time of the ancient Egyptian gods. You had to be very careful who you offended with the most, because everyone in Egypt knew that the gods had a particular regard for them. In fact, they were somewhat worshipped by the early Egyptians. This shows that religion has a biological component that is independent of the common sense of most people.

Another important thing to note is that people who do not have strong religious beliefs will usually be quite content to live without any sort of belief system at all. It is hard to believe that someone would go through life without having strong religious beliefs. It is quite common, for instance, for new converts to Christianity to have completely secular lives. They simply choose not to have any kind of belief system.

The question “what makes a human believe in gods?” is important. If you believe in something, then you are likely to act on it, regardless of what your personal beliefs are. Most individuals are quite willing to put their money where their mouth is, so it is quite likely that some humans will follow their beliefs just because it makes them feel good or safe. Religion may not be the main driving force behind these actions, but it is certainly a major factor in the drive.

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