Coagch Factory Game Why Teens Play Online Video Games

Why Teens Play Online Video Games

Online video games are becoming the rage in the present generation. With each passing day more people seem to be hooked up to the Internet. Not only this, but they are spending large sums of money on it. The popularity of online video games is at an all time high and is predicted to touch the sky in the very near future. Hence, the need for online video games is increasing day by day.

While it is clear that social interaction is the main reason behind  situs slot online video games, it is not only social activities that make people spend time on the Internet. It has been seen that online gaming requires a great deal of thinking and a lot of strategy to outsmart opponents and emerge victorious. The competition in such games is so high that one has to make every move with utmost care and caution. This increases the brain activity and sharpens the senses.

Not only is this the case with young people, it is also the case with old people as well. Thus, an online video game that caters to all sections of people and all age groups provide a great social support. This in turn helps to bring people from all walks of life together. In other words, it provides a community for gamers.

This community further increases the chances of experiencing a sense of belongingness and helps to build one another’s confidence. This bond between gamers makes them spend more time playing video games and grow more addicted to them. The social element attached with it tends to attract even the most lethargic among us. As social gaming is becoming a part and parcel of everyone’s life, so is the addiction. One can spend hours chatting with friends and family, discuss sports, learn about the latest happenings, take part in online debates and get involved in all sorts of discussions.

What is interesting is that young girls are known to spend most of their time on these video games. But interestingly, young boys play online video games just as much as little girls do. However, the main reason why boys play such video games is because they connect with their peer group and share ideas. Thus, boys are less shy and hence are more willing to try out things that other guys may be cautious about.

There are many stories of teens who have shared their feelings of friendship and camaraderie by playing games. Some of these games have taken them far away from their homes where they may have felt scared. The real difference here is that there is more of a chance of teenagers sharing their feelings without feeling shy. That is the main reason why relationships are forged between them and some of these teen boys even date women.

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